GREENMAX Almond Tea With Hazelnut

Net Wt. 14.7 OZ (420 g)   6 natural ingredients.  no artificial colorant, High in calcuim.  Contain dittary fiber, Vitamine B2, E Lacto-Veg. Sweet Taste& Iron. High in dietary fiber, high in calcium, vitamins & minerals, rich in vitamin A, B1,C, contain vitamin B2, Iron, vitamins 7 minerals.  Rich in Vitamin A, B1, C.

Ingredients: Natural almond popwder, hazelnut powder, (nut product), yam, fungus, milk powder, (containing lactose) corn starch, walnut, lily, crystal sugar, vanilla powder, almond oil, vitamins, minerials.

GREENMAX Almond Tea With Hazelnut
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  • Manufacturer: GreenMAX
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